• Coffee-Shop View

    Coffee-Shop View An ongoing series, watercolor paintings of views from Coffee-Shop in Israel. More  →
  • Wake-up-your-imagination

    Wake up your imagination

    Wake Up Your Imagination published by Chronicle Books | 2017 This journal is meant to be played, not followed. it's filled with new beginnings, tips and fun project to get you creative, and reminds us to enjoy the process and create more freely. More  →
  • Garden

    Garden A series of gardens, watercolor & gouache on paper. More  →
  • Blue Floral Rug

    Karma Kollective | Vintage

    Karma Kollective | Vintage Exclusive to Karma Kollective | 2018 Vintage collection, limited edition prints. Original artworks were painted in watercolor, inspired by vintage objects that hopefully convey the feeling of a warm home and nostalgia. More  →
  • Personal Objects

    Special Objects A selection of personal and meaningful objects, some of them are gone and some are still loved. More  →
  • Touchka


    Touchka Touchka | Fashion Tales Illustrated scarves inspired by stories. More  →
  • Lavido

    Lavido client: Lavido illustrated ingredients for Lavido natural cosmetics More  →
  • Rachel Beja

    Rachel Beja client: Rachel Beja Album cover art. More  →
  • Always October

    Always October client: Yuval Levin Album cover art. More  →
  • Personal Work

    Personal Work A selection of unpublished artworks. More  →
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